Earlier we already explained the difference between packaging, load carriers and Returnable transport items (RTI’s). You can read that article here. Many words are used in the logistics sector, but mean the same thing. We therefore decided to write a second part. Another ode to the words and their meaning.

Sustainability and circularity

If you have opted for reusable packaging and decided to use packaging sustainably in a circular system, it is important to register and manage packaging online.

Circularity, we wrote about this before, but it is still necessary to mention it again. A circular economy means that raw materials retain their value through sustainable use or reuse. As far as packaging is concerned, this means that your packaging continues to be used in an infinite cycle. Your packaging must therefore be returned, repaired and washed. This means that your packaging will be used again and again and thus you manage your packaging sustainable. In the Netherlands the government has expressed the ambition to make the Netherlands fully circular in 2050.

Contributing to a circular economy, automatically contributes to sustainability. Many companies are engaged in sustainable entrepreneurship, green image and recycling.  It is not necessary for an organization to immediately implement rigorous changes. Extend the lifespan of your cargo carriers, by reusing them. With a packaging registration platform, you always know where they are. That way you are sustainable, because sustainability stands for the least possible burden on nature.

From mobile to desktop

We are increasingly working on our mobile, which is logical because it is almost stuck to our hand.  Still, the large screen of the desktop remains handy, especially for working on it. A large screen shows more details and you have more overview, but you can also zoom in on certain things. That’s exactly why TrackOnline is both a mobile application and a web application. So you can work on both devices. With your smartphone you work on the floor and register and manage your load carriers, but your administrative employee might prefer to see the details of a packaging transaction on the web application.

Waybill, digital waybill and eCMR

You need a waybill when goods are transported across the border. It is even required by law. A waybill is actually an agreement for transporting goods by road. Not surprisingly, in this day and age we also have the waybill digitally. The digital waybill is therefore called the eCMR.

Relationships, carrier, exporters and end customer

When we talk about the users of TrackOnline, we are dealing with many different parties. We explain all parties here. Relationships are all parties our customers have to deal with.  We call them relationships because they are not always customers, but also transporters, cooperation partners etc. Transporters are the parties that transport cargo from A to B. Exporter is a transporter who transports the products, which are intended for abroad. The end customer is often the consumer.

Would you like to know more about sustainability, circularity, waybill, eCMR or the online packaging registration system TrackOnline? Or are you curious about all the possibilities of the all-in-one packaging platform? Feel free to send us an e-mail and ask about the possibilities for a demo.