RTI packaging

In the logistics sector, many different words are used about logistics resources, but they mean or signify the same thing. We noticed this, especially because we want to inform our target group as well as possible. We notice that one customer talks about a flower cart which is a load carrier, another calls it packaging and yet another just calls it a flower cart. Therefore, this is an ode to the words and their meaning.

Definition of packaging, load carriers, and RTIs

Packaging means packing and comes from the French verb emballer, which means packing. Packaging is indispensable in logistics. Because without packaging, goods arrive damaged and not quickly to customers. Think for example of the process of supermarkets. Products such as bread, vegetables, fruit, flowers, plants, etc. do not just end up in the store by themselves.

Load carriers is a collective name for various types of packaging, such as Danish trolleys, CC-Containers, barrels, buckets, plastic pallets, dollies and bread crates.

RTI’s stands for Returnable Transport Items (or Reusable Transport Items), so it is an English translation for reusable packaging. There are also single-use packaging types, more about this in the next paragraph. It is clear that RTI’s are used internationally, but you often hear the term used in the Netherlands as well. However, just like load carriers, it is a collective name for the various types of packaging.

Single-use packaging and reusable packaging

Packaging can be divided into two categories: single-use packaging, which you dispose of after one use. Examples are: cardboard boxes, buckets or bags. The value of these products is low and they are often not durable. In addition, the purchase cost of one-time packaging is low. Read more about single-use and reusable packaging here.

Reusable packaging, also called multi-use packaging, is used more often.  This form of packaging, as the name suggests, is used more than once. Examples of reusable packaging are plastic pallets, Danish trolleys, CC-Containers and trolleys. The value of these products is higher than single-use packaging, as they last longer and are durable.

Real time and real-time

Real-time, real time, words that you can write in multiple ways, however, the meaning varies per spelling of the word. This article is about real-time: without delay caused by sending data, the definition according to Van Dale. With real-time insight into your trolleys, barrels and other load carriers, you’ll have insight and an overview of your logistic flow wherever you are.

Register, manage and administer

Registering packaging ensures that you know exactly how much packaging you have in your possession. This allows you to manage and control the flow of packaging. You know what comes in and what goes out. By keeping a digital record you have an administration that is always up to date. In order to successfully perform all these processes, you need an online packaging registration system. TrackOnline is an online platform with which you can register, administer and manage your load carriers online and solve all packaging problems.

Would you like to know more about packaging, load carriers and/or the online packaging registration system TrackOnline? Or are you curious about all the possibilities of the all-in-one packaging platform? Feel free to send us an e-mail and ask about the possibilities for a demo.