Instant gratification can literally be translated into direct satisfaction. In the world we now live in, we are not used to it otherwise. Both privately, think of ordering something in an online store and have it delivered the next day, as well as business, where we would like to see that if we invest in something, we will be rewarded immediately. But is this a realistic way of thinking?

Scientifically speaking, you can view instant gratification as a behavior. We are used to carrying out an action and getting immediate results. We are getting used to it and now we want nothing else. In fact, generation Z grew up in a digital world and knows no better than to be immediately provided with all the conveniences.

Digitalization of business processes

Digitization and instant gratification are close together. Digitization has been a trend for years, organizations want to get rid of their paperwork and easily understand the work process. Organizations are in a hurry to find the application that can provide it, and then rather yesterday than today.

We have the solution for organizations that are looking for digitization. With TrackOnline we offer a packaging registration platform. This gives you insight into your packaging flow, because you can see your transactions anywhere, anytime. With the overview in the packaging flow, your organization has insight into the supply chain. By analyzing these results, you have insight into stocks, peak periods (peak days) and you can plan ahead. In addition, information is available digitally for multiple departments, which saves on physical storage (less costs) and makes it easier to find.

Online returnable packaging management

With the newest functionality: TrackOnline CONNECT, we have taken an extra step towards instant gratification, by digitally connecting organizations that exchange packaging with each other. This way you can invite your relation (s) to TrackOnline CONNECT for free. You both look at the same data in real time in one platform. Miscommunication and discussions about packaging transaction (s) are prevented, because this can be indicated directly in the transaction through the chat function.

The benefits of TrackOnline

The investment in TrackOnline may not be instant gratification, but the functionalities within the application offer that. It is more than worth the investment if you consider that:

  • it saves costs;
  • digitization is more attractive for partners / customers and employees,
  • the work process becomes more efficient (information is easy to find),
  • it is sustainable for the environment (less paper and storage) and
  • the relationship with the customer improved (less miscommunication).

Do you also want to digitize your document flow? Contact us and we will reward you immediately by scheduling an appointment.