CleanWash digitalizes and optimizes packaging management with TrackOnline.

CleanWash, the leading crate washing company in Northern Netherlands, has been leveraging the advanced capabilities of TrackOnline for years to optimize their administrative processes.

But who exactly is CleanWash, and why did they choose TrackOnline?

Since 2012, CleanWash has gained extensive experience in the transport and food industry. From their location in Hoogeveen, CleanWash ensures that load carriers such as crates, pallets, and Dolav bins are cleaned and dried to the highest hygienic and sticker-free standards. These load carriers are used in various sectors, including poultry, cheese industry, pharmaceuticals, bakery and confectionery, flowers and plants, berry industry, and other food and non-food industries.


Before implementing TrackOnline, all documentation at CleanWash was manually scanned and distributed to customers. This process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. CleanWash wanted to digitalize their packaging administration and searched for a software solution. They chose TrackOnline. This choice enables them to digitalize their administrative processes, saving time and significantly improving accuracy and customer service.


TrackOnline has revolutionized how CleanWash manages its administrative processes. By linking all documentation directly to bookings, customers can now view the necessary documents in real-time, resulting in immediate time savings and reduced errors. The integration with the accounting system Exact has further streamlined the invoicing process, significantly reducing the administrative burden. Additionally, the ability for drivers to sign documents digitally has improved the accessibility and availability of documents for customers in real-time.

The results summarized:

  • Time savings
  • Reduction of errors
  • Streamlined invoicing process
  • Improved customer accessibility
  • Digital signing for drivers

“Previously, it took us several hours per week to manually process and send invoices. Now, with TrackOnline integrated with Exact, this process is fully automated, and errors are almost eliminated. This has not only saved us time but also improved the overall accuracy and satisfaction of our customers,” explains Kevin Prent, Operations Manager of CleanWash.