Mandersloot chooses TrackOnline

Mandersloot, an expert in logistics and transport, has joined forces with TrackOnline to modernize and automate their packaging administration using the Saas platform. Mandersloot specializes in transporting flowers and plants from the Benelux to various destinations in Central Europe. In addition, Mandersloot provides transport of frozen products and fresh goods, such as vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. Mandersloot uses TrackOnline to register and manage all transactions related to returnable assets, such as Danish carts, plates and pallets. With TrackOnline, Mandersloot has better insight into their packaging flows, they know exactly where each asset is and who is responsible. The app provides a hassle-free experience for drivers when importing and exporting. Thanks to this collaboration, Mandersloot has created a solid foundation to further strengthen their position as a leading specialist in the transportation sector.

The result:  

  • Accurate RTI registration
  • Confirm balances with counterparties
  • One truth for all parties involved
  • Insight into data from start to finish in the chain
  • Capturing packaging responsibility
  • Efficient use of the TrackOnline app in warehouses
  • Seamless integration with the ERP package Navitrans for transport management

‘’With TrackOnline’s app I never have to fuss with packaging again’’ Steven Wiegman, Driver at Mandersloot.