Quattro Plant

Quattro Plant is a renowned supplier of houseplants, garden plants and nursery products. These products are purchased from various auctions as well as directly from the growers and find their way through Quattro Plant directly via wholesalers, retailers and garden centers both within and outside Europe. TrackOnline offers them efficiency by reducing administrative tasks and clear digital communication.

Cloud-based platform

As a customer of Bexter, Quattro Plant has been using Avalanche for years. They consider the transition to TrackOnline as a valuable investment. “This combined with the advantages of a cloud-based product that does not have high investment costs and is directly available anywhere in the world,” adds Peter van Gijlswijk, Director. With the switch from Avalanche to TrackOnline, they are taking the next step towards digital collaboration.

Van Gijlswijk believes that the transition from Avalanche to TrackOnline is a logical next step. “At first, the functionalities of Avalanche came close to our wishes. Now we are looking for software that easily processes the diversity of registrations in combination with modern communication possibilities, like the chat function. That’s how we ended up with TrackOnline,” says Van Gijlswijk.

Digital collaboration in the supply  chain

Heshusius, Account Manager at Bexter, is glad with the step Quattro Plant is taking. “I am very proud to sign the TrackOnline contract between Quattro Plant and Bexter, together with Peter. Quattro Plant was one of the first customers from the horticultural industry to switch to TrackOnline, many have since followed. This makes it possible for Quattro Plant to collaborate digitally with all parties in the supply chain, including growers, suppliers, customers, transporters, contractors and fellow companies,” said Heshusius.

Thanks to the free functionality TrackOnline CONNECT can directly collaborate digitally. By inviting their relations to TrackOnline, they can view the joint transactions and balance reconciliations by creating a free account. The communication between Quattro Plant and their relations, is essential for an efficient exchange of load carriers. Looking to the future and the digitization trend, Van Gijlswijk says the following: “In the future it is a must that everything is accessible in real time, an era where we are all digitally connected to each other. Efficiency through less administration and clear digital communication, that’s a plus in the future!”

Want to learn more about TrackOnline? Go to trackonline.com for more information and try TrackOnline the first 30 days for free on computer and/or the app! Or contact Bexter  015 –  750 10 50 and request a demo without any obligations.