Vice Versa chooses Trackonline

Vice Versa and TrackOnline have partnered up to digitalize their packaging administration, create more clarity and make their administration error-free.

Vice Versa is a logistics service provider in the freeze and cool segment. Vice Versa’s customers are large food retailers in the food industry. In this industry hygiene is top priority. Through their returnable asset washing company in Oss, Vice Versa ensures that all customers are provided with cleaned packaging.

Daily Vice Versa cleans more than 40.000 assets. Every party that now delivers or collects a returnable asset is registered in TrackOnline. This way, the administration is transparent and available in real-time. Consignment notes, packing reports and transaction reports are easily put into TrackOnline, preventing miscommunication because everyone is looking at the same data. In addition, cooperation is improved by quickly reconciling online balances with customers and suppliers to close specific peak periods.

All customers now receive an automated overview of their balance. In this way, they have an overview in which their balance is clear and there are no more double administrations or disputes. This saves the employees of Vice Versa a lot of time.

The result of the collaboration:

  • Greater insight into packaging-related administration
  • Insight into stocks
  • More insight into the status of packaging (broken, clean, dirty)
  • Digitalisation that prevents double administration
  • Less mistakes
  • Fewer CO2 emissions due to fully loaded trucks

“TrackOnline means to me; speed, targeted and customer-oriented”- François Suppers, crate washing coordinator Vice Versa.