TrackOnline users save costssave time and do not open Excel as often as before. Because with one glance at their transaction overview they know where their trolleys, CC carts, Danish containers and other load carriers are. TrackOnline CONNECT is the newest functionality of TrackOnline, with which we connect organizations digitally and they can work together more easily.

And you too can get started with this for free.

1. Digital collaboration

You can get started with TrackOnline CONNECT yourself if a TrackOnline user has invited you. Only in this way can you use TrackOnline for free. You will receive an invitation by e-mail. When you accept this, you confirm your participation and you have direct access to your own TrackOnline CONNECT environment.

2. Connected, what’s next?

Mutual transactions can be viewed immediately. Is something wrong? You can indicate this by using the chat function that is available in the relevant transaction. You have direct contact with the party from which you receive or send transactions. And this immediately sees which transaction is involved.

3. Get started yourself

It is not just looking at incoming transactions; You can export reports and make return transactions yourself. You can also invite other organizations to make use of TrackOnline CONNECT yourself. In this way the chain is connected to each other and the communication lines become shorter.

TrackOnline CONNECT, the new digital collaboration.

3, 2, 1 CONNECT… Now you can get started! TrackOnline CONNECT was developed by Bexter, the developers of Avalanche, the market standard for packaging management. Want to use this platform? Try TrackOnline for the first 30 days for free on the computer and / or the app! Or for more information, contact 1 of our TrackOnline Experts or call (015) 750 10 50.