These are the five best read articles from the TrackOnline blog of 2020.

1. Don’t lose your bread crates anymore

Losing bread crates seems impossible, but nothing could be further from the truth. ( industrial ) bakeries lose tens to hundreds of bread crates and/or dolly’s every year and this involves a lot of costs. In this article you can read how to prevent losing your bread crates.

2. Insight into packaging management on your mobile anytime, anywhere

In today’s digital world, we do everything digitally, mostly with our cell phone. However, some business processes can still make a step forward in digitization. TrackOnline’s mobile application takes your organization a step further in digitizing its logistics processes. With the mobile application of TrackOnline you always and everywhere have insight into your packaging flows and you can easily register and manage your packaging.

3. Efficient management of reusable packaging

Reusable packaging is a fairly large expense for the logistics department. Rarely are they tracked and managed with the same level of care and control as the products sold and transported with them. This while in some cases the packaging is even worth more than the products themselves. In this article you will read more about the importance of an efficient management of your packaging flows.

4. What’s new: TrackOnline update May 2020

We are constantly developing our platform and also while working from home we have not been sitting still. In May several new functionalities and updates were implemented. For example, the TrackOnline inbox was available from May, allowing you to view your sent and received packaging reports. It was also possible to import transactions to TrackOnline via the Royal FloraHolland portal from May onwards. Read all other updates in the article.

5. Deli-Home customer case

For the safe and sustainable transport of its varied product range, Deli Home has found an innovative solution in the form of specially designed means of transport (reusable wooden folding boxes). It is crucial for Deli Home to manage their transport equipment so that they can reuse their equipment efficiently, resulting in a more sustainable way of transport requiring less material and packaging. This has been done in collaboration with RTioT and Intellifi. Read more about the cooperation and the implementation of this innovative solution in this article.