In today’s digital world, we are increasingly moving towards the digitalization of business processes. We have already gone a long way with digitalization in our daily lives. TrackOnline’s mobile application takes your organization a step further in digitalizing its logistics processes. With the mobile app you always have insight into your packaging flows and you can easily register and manage your packaging.

Packaging management using the mobile app

In today’s digital world, we do everything digitally, most of it with our mobile phone. It gives a lot of convenience because you (almost) always carry your mobile with you. We create online shopping lists and shop online for a new phone. We use our phone for everything and are now able to register and manage packaging with our mobile phone. In an earlier blog we explained how we developed and set up our mobile app. With the TrackOnline mobile app you can view your packaging administration anytime, anywhere.

More digital

According to Rabobank, a digital organization can save costs and work more efficiently. That is exactly how TrackOnline’s mobile app is designed. In the app you can easily search for the data you need. In addition, you can register the packaging on your mobile and you don’t need a desktop for this. The mobile app gives you insight into your packaging flows anytime, anywhere. With one push on the button you can see where your packaging is and when you will receive a return. The step to a digital organization is therefore efficient and works more effectively. Sharing and exchanging data has also become increasingly important and plays a major role in logistics. Collecting and exchanging data makes TrackOnline possible with the digital packaging registration platform TrackOnline CONNECT.

Smaller screen

Less space is available on a mobile screen compared to a computer screen. We have found a solution for this by only displaying the most relevant information on the mobile screen. In the transaction overview, for example, you can see the information about the transaction number and the from and to location. In addition, the status can be seen by the color of the bar in front of the transaction, this takes up less space and is easier to understand than written out text. Finally, the transactions are sorted by date. This way you do not need to scroll through all the information of a transaction but it is easy and quick to see on one (small) screen.

Signature in the mobile app

In the TrackOnline update of November 2019 we announced that you can now put a signature within the TrackOnline app for the collection and delivery of packaging. If you, as a carrier, need a signature to receive or deliver the packaging, this can now easily be done in the TrackOnline application. A transaction document with a signature is stored on the transaction. In this way all information can be found in one place.

If you are interested in the possibilities of TrackOnline, request a free trial and download our mobile app for iOS or Android.