Organizations are increasingly moving towards full digitalization of business processes. There is no sector that is left out. Chain management and online chain management are therefore playing an increasingly important role in organizations, and they achieve this by digitalization. This gives them insight into the chain, enables them to meet customer demand more quickly and strengthens their positions in the market.

Take the lead in the chain

No sector escapes it. Digitalization of business processes has been the trend for years. Now not a trend anymore, but a necessity because you want to go as fast as the competition. Haven’t you digitized all your processes yet? Do something about it and take the lead in the chain!

Digitalizing the flow of packaging brings many advantages, of which you can obviously no longer ignore it. We have listed a number of these advantages:

– Transparency ensures fewer errors and less miscommunication;

– Saving time;

– Information available in real time, anytime, anywhere;

– Easily share packaging data;

– Insight into business process;

– Promotes (digital) collaboration;

– More sustainable.

Digitizing also entails changes in an organization and a different way of working. However, the software in which you can exchange packaging data is designed in such a way that they are easy to implement and work in a user-friendly way.

As strong as your weakest link

Many organizations work together with suppliers and partners, such as transporters, exporters or retailers. Together you have the same goal: quickly deliver quality products. By working together, you share the burden, work towards a common goal and expand your network. By connecting all parties that are part of a chain, you get a connected supply chain.

They also say that you are just as strong as the weakest link. That’s why you need to work with your suppliers and partners at the same level. By digitizing together, you promote and strengthen cooperation, you can easily exchange packaging data and you look at the same data. This gives you insight into all parties in the chain.

Be ahead of your competitors!

You are certainly not the first who wants to digitize his chain, but certainly not the last. Therefore, take the step to take control of your chain, together with your business relations. Gain insight into the chain, prevent mistakes and communicate more quickly with your business relations.

With the TrackOnline Referral program you can invite your suppliers and partners free of charge. It is a so-called win-win situation: connect the chain and be rewarded. If you are not yet a TrackOnline customer, that is the first step you need to take, because it allows you to collaborate efficiently and digitize the chain. If you are a customer, you can invite your contacts for free. When your invited contact switches to a paid TrackOnline license, you earn half of this license and your contact receives TrackOnline one month for free. This is how the chain is connected.