Seeing results, that is what it’s all about in the end and what our customers want. We sometimes lose sight of that, because we are proud of the product we build, with all the functionalities that TrackOnline possesses. Only by talking a lot about all those functionalities may we lose sight of the results our customers achieve with our product. That is why we let a number of our customers talk about the results they have achieved using the packaging registration platform TrackOnline.

Working efficiently

Van der Knaap Groep uses TrackOnline to provide insight into the transport of, among other things, the Danish carts to their customers. Gerjanne van Zijverden, administrative employee, is very enthusiastic about TrackOnline: “The system is easy to work with. For an overview of the Danish carts we can use TrackOnline to ask our customers for their approval. TrackOnline therefore works very efficiently for us”. Installation of the software on a PC is not necessary, an internet connection is sufficient. In addition, a simple and user-friendly app is available. For example, Van Zijverden stated that with two clicks on the screen she can view current overviews per customer and carrier. Quattro Plant also sees efficiency as an advantage since the data is real-time available. This improves their efficiency in their current business processes and is one of the most mentioned advantages of TrackOnline.

Clear communication and sharing data with relations

Another important aspect that organisations can benefit from is (clear) communication and sharing data with their relations.  Communicating sounds simple and logical but in reality this is sometimes more difficult than it seems. By using a packaging registration platform everyone speaks one language and everyone looks at the same dataSmartload explains how they experience this. According to Smartload, TrackOnline is the ideal addition to the dynamic environment in which Smartload operates by offering a packaging registration platform. According to them, TrackOnline provides interactive transactions and lines of communication between Smartload and their customers, ultimately resulting in ‘smart business’. This makes it possible to continuously communicate with customers, they argue. Quattro Plant also states that clear digital communication with their relations is essential for an efficient exchange of load carriers and sees communication as an important advantage for their organization.

Time saving

Quattro Plant is a supplier of houseplants, garden plants and arboriculture products. In their search for software that easily handles the diversity of registrations in combination with communication tools, they ended up at TrackOnline. Besides the clear communication tools of TrackOnline, they see another important advantage of the packaging registration platform. According to Quattro Plant, a packaging registration platform such as TrackOnline saves time by reducing administrative actions. As a result, you work more efficiently and have more time left over for your daily activities.

What results do you want to achieve?

If we are talking about achieving results in your organization with the online packaging registration platform TrackOnline, then efficiency, clear communication and time savings are the three main advantages that the above mentioned customers experience. Would you like to experience for yourself how these benefits can help your organization move forward? You can request a free trial period of 30 days and experience for yourself what results your organization achieves with TrackOnline!