The first quarter of 2021 is already finished and in the past three months we have developed many improvements and updates in our packaging registration platform TrackOnline. You can read some of the most important updates below.

New function: scheduler

With the new function scheduler you can schedule business rules and certain e-mails. This allows you to automate manual work that you perform regularly. This function is available from the TrackOnline PRO license.

Trips in TrackOnline

The trips in TrackOnline are also extended. More information is displayed in the trip overview, including transaction type, items and quantities. In addition, we have ensured that TrackOnline verifies the quantities in the truck when the trip is closed. The employee then receives a notification of this.

Rental contracts

The options for rental contracts have also been expanded. You can now add attachments to rental contracts and make them part of the contract. This way all important information is in one place.

Transaction overview

From now on, you can also enter new transactions directly in the transaction overview. You no longer need to open the details screen, but can enter transactions directly, thus speeding up registration. We have also increased the speed of the transaction screen with a number of updates. Furthermore, you can delete multiple transactions from the transaction screen at the same time.

Other updates

– When importing, you can now filter out data that should not be imported. You can also download non-imported rules. These rules are excluded from the import because of an error.

– You can add notes to unique items.

– When logging in, you have the option of showing your password to ensure that the password you entered is correct.

– After saving a transaction, the transaction document can be opened automatically.

Work in progress

We are also working on new updates and functionalities, which will be available in the second quarter. We are working on improving the search function for locations in the transaction overview. We are also working on an improved version of the mobile application display on phones and tablets.

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