With TrackOnline you can easily register and manage packaging with TrackOnline, a Software as a Service (Saas) product, with which we relieve various sectors such as retail, transport and floriculture by offering control over logistics processes. We are constantly developing and improving both the software and the mobile app. The second quarter of 2020 is behind us and a lot has happened in these three months, around us but also in our platform TrackOnline. We have worked hard to improve and innovate our platform. In this blog I will take you through some of the most important updates of the second quarter of 2020.

API additions

We have improved a lot in the mobile app of TrackOnline, the options in the dashboard and the customer API. We have also been able to add value to working with Internet of Things.

Customer API additions:

  • Loading of balance for locations.
  • Retrieve balance between two locations.
  • The time for an API Key to access the customer API has been extended.
  • It is possible to manage a location, carrier or item definition using external numbers via the Customer API.
  • Currently, transactions with unique items can be sent and retrieved via the Customer API.

TrackOnline inbox

In the TrackOnline update of May 2020 the new functionality TrackOnline inbox was already mentioned. With the TrackOnline inbox you can easily see to whom and when you have sent certain packaging reports. This way you know exactly to which contact you have already sent the weekly report, for example. However, this new functionality can only be used for contacts with whom you have a TrackOnline CONNECT connection. If you have not yet invited your contacts to TrackOnline CONNECT, you can see how this works in this video.

Royal FloraHolland import

The TrackOnline update in May also included the new functionality where you can now import transactions from the Royal FloraHolland portal to TrackOnline. Royal FloraHolland’s Logistic Resources Online service allows you to export transactions to a standardized XML format. In TrackOnline you can easily import this XML file and with just a few clicks you have insight into all packaging transactions with your customers!

Improved authentication

We have improved authentication for users. We have also implemented the Azure B2C service and Microsoft Authentication Library. B2C (Azure Active Directory) makes it possible to register with another account. This option has been especially developed to remove the login from our application in order to create an even higher level of security.

Add surcharges

We have also worked on the development of a new function where you can add surcharges to transactions. You can define what kind of surcharges these are, for example per item or transaction. This is possible for both fixed and optional surcharges. This new option has been added because there was a lot of demand for it among our customers. We are now finalizing the last activities for this, so this new feature will be available soon!

Mobile application

In the mobile application you can manage your packaging on your mobile. We are also continuously developing and improving the mobile application. For example, it is now possible to add your company logo in the mobile app. Furthermore, you can now create a return transaction for multiple signed transactions. You can add the first and last name of the person who signed a transaction and it’s now also possible to log in with a pin code.

Screen and process per transaction type

You can now set your screen by transaction type, to what is convenient for you. This allows you to customize your entire process. In addition, it is now also possible to set up your process per transaction type, the setting of status-flows. For example, you can set up separate processes for certain transactions that need to go through specific statuses. In the image you see an example of what such a process looks like.

In addition, we are always working on innovations and improvements and processing feedback from customers. Do you want to stay up to date with the latest developments of TrackOnline? Then sign up for the newsletter below. If you have questions about certain updates or if you have feedback or ideas for TrackOnline, please feel free to contact us!