Where is my returnable packaging? It’s a common question among organizations that work with CC containers, crates and other returnable assets. The question is why do so many companies have to ask themselves this question? And what can you do about it? Read it in this article.

Lost returnable packaging

One of the problems our account managers often encounter with organizations is that there is no clear overview of where and in what numbers the load carriers are located. This means that an organization is at risk of having to stop the production process if there is a shortage of load carriers to transport the products. Another implication is that an organization is forced to purchase or rent additional carts, crates and other load carriers. In addition, this creates numerous secondary problems and challenges. Think of miscommunication between relations, incorrect packaging administration and stock counting. Paper packaging administration is also less transparent and more susceptible to (manual) errors. Lack of overview ultimately causes many more problems and reduces the efficiency of business processes. When you use TrackOnline, the returnable packaging management platform, these and other packaging problems are solved.

Know where your returnable packaging is

Jeroen van der Laan – sales manager at Bexter, noted that companies rarely knew how many Danish carts, CC containers and other returnable packaging, they had or where that packaging was located. “By contacting various companies, this became considerably more evident. After all, packaging is a balancing item; a low priority, something that is dealt with last and for which there is not much money left. Until the moment arrives when you need it, or more precisely, you need it in relation to the peak season. A software system that allows you to manage load carriers will help you do just that. Why then, to save costs? Or to reduce staff? No, but by providing better (logistics) services to your customers, clients, partners and you name it!”

Real-time insight into the supply chain

A product crosses many different parties in the supply chain. As the owner of the crates, carts and containers, you want to have insight into the location of the load carriers in every step of the logistics process. After all, you want to know when the product was delivered, at the same time you want to know when the load carriers are returned. Getting crates and carts returned is a tough job without online insight into the load carriers. When there are uncertainties about the quantities or location of certain load carriers, people often phone or email back and forth and it’s your word against his. If you want to avoid this, it is important that packaging is registered online and managed in one packaging platform. This way, you won’t lose your Danish containers or other returnable packaging again.

With TrackOnline you won’t lose your returnable packaging anymore! Are you interested in TrackOnline, or do you want more information? Please contact our account managers and request an (online) demo.