Bread crates, they more or less all look alike. That’ s what makes it difficult to recognize your own bread crates or trolleys. It is a common problem among industrial bakers, that one cannot be sure whether the returned bread crates and carts belong to them. Now you would think, what difference does it make if I own a bread crate from another bakery. However, the problem lies in the fact that this means that you don’t have a good overview of how many bread crates have been returned and if this is correct.

Bread crates, racks and trolleys returned

When the drivers depart from the bakery and deliver products to a location, the intention is to return with a number of bread crates and carts. Because if you don’t have enough bread crates and trolleys available, you can’t transport your products to your customers’ locations. Of course, you want to prevent this at all times. You can buy extra bread crates and carts so that you always have enough crates in stock. But as most people know, this extra supply of bread crates will also disappear at some point. In addition, extra bread crates and carts also take up a lot of space and you may not always be able to do that. 

Register and manage bread crates online

The online packaging registration platform TrackOnline makes it easy to register your bread crates, bread carts, dollies and other packaging. This way you always have an up-to-date overview of your bread crates, where they are located and in what numbers. With your contacts you can easily tune the numbers by means of, for example, weekly reports.

These bread crates are mine

A solution for recognizing your bread crates is to have your bread carts or crates printed with, for example, a logo or name. However, this does not always solve the whole problem. You still miss the overview of the numbers of bread crates at each location. After all, when you know the exact number of bread crates and bread carts at each location, the drivers can take these numbers back with them with certainty. Fortunately, there is a solution for this as well, which is registering bread crates online. This way you know for sure which bread crates are yours!

Would you also like to be absolutely certain which (numbers of) bread crates are yours? With TrackOnline you always have insight into your packaging flows, wherever you are. Try TrackOnline 30 days for free or request a demo by emailing us.