The year is coming to an end, so it’s time to take the inventory. Every year we draw up this balance, just like the balance of load carriers is drawn up every year.  

Returnables, load carriers and RTIs explained 

‘Returnables, load carriers and RTIs explained‘ is the best-read article of 2021. The article came into being, because we noticed that many different terms are used in the logistics sector regarding logistic assets. In order to inform our audience in the best possible way, we wrote this article to create order in the chaos of the word and its meaning.  So read the article, a tribute to words and their meanings. 

Customer in the spotlight: Bakery de Paauw 

We are active on various channels, but we are most active on the LinkedIn page of TrackOnline. Here we share the latest developments around TrackOnline, but we also introduce our team and write about the experiences of our clients. The post that did best was the first ‘customer in the spotlight’ video of Bakkerij de Paauw. We visited them to capture on tape they work with TrackOnline and what challenges they encountered. Haven’t you seen the post and/or video yet? Watch and like it here

Our visit at Cleanwash 

Sharing is caring, so we also looked at the LinkedIn post that was shared the most. That is a recent post about Cleanwash B.V. Colleagues Arezo and Cynthia were visiting one of our newest clients: Cleanwash B.V. Cleanwash is a crate washing company, which washes all kinds of load carriers as a service. Clean load carriers are necessary in the food sector, but also in many other sectors. Arezo and Cynthia were shown how they work and how TrackOnline is used. Moreover, they work in a sustainable way! Which fits seamless with our purpose as a company. 

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